Model UP 44

Model UP 44 is a home set for fun                               You have the choice of color box soon : Blue, yellow, magenta and green Urban Putting, model UP 44 to have fun with friend or family  


Putter mini model used for game model UP70 Each player have to choise his putter mini as he wants. The accuracy is at your fingers    

Model UP 70

Model UP 70 Private and public event can get his own fun tournament with trophy                                  


  Urban Putting headquarters is located in France Adress: Urban Putting by INVNF SARL 6, rue de la porte 94370 – Sucy en Brie – France Cell: +33 6 10 03 59 70 Email: info [at]

Urban Putting®

Urban Putting®,Ingenuity board game, dextrous fingertips in golf The innovative skills game, board game of non virtual golf Golf is a game of target, here, scaled down on a smart green measuring 44cm x 44cm or one meter in diameter and which strives for temperament. Urban putting is played with a miniaturised putter held like Read More …